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Let's talk drawing...

2011-02-12 00:02:25 by whackyjacky

Making art can be fun and all, but it matters most on how well you do it...

I'm new to the art portal and I've just made a submission, judge me!

UPDATE: Level 4

2010-07-14 21:56:54 by whackyjacky

All I wanted to say... Really, that's about it...


I'M SORRY but I just can't make it... Don't ask questions. I'll just enjoy Madness day without my own flash, so I'll enjoy what you guys post!

I do have somthing for Madness Day!

2010-06-29 23:40:40 by whackyjacky

Just incase you haven't known yet, I do have an animation almost ready for Madness Day 2010! I'll give you a little menu picture preview here! Can't wait to upload it and I also can't wait for Madness Day to be on!

COMMENT on how you think this little preview picture is! Is it good or bad?


I do have somthing for Madness Day!

Changed my account arround.

2010-06-29 12:10:36 by whackyjacky


Hi there! I changed my profile picture, icon, and page header! The profile picture and icon are pictures of my charecter in my animations. The page header, I don't know, I thought it looked pretty usual to my account... That's all I have to say, bye!

Changed my account arround.


I can't take it ant more! I respect Jomillex for being so kind enough to rate mine five!


2010-06-27 18:40:00 by whackyjacky

New Flash! It's called Random Tank!


2009-02-22 15:43:50 by whackyjacky

I finally uploaded a flash! Don't like it? DON'T COMMENT! But if you do like it,
then favour it! I mean it is my first flash so dont think I suck!
Click HERE!


2009-02-21 21:56:42 by whackyjacky

YA KNOW... how to make a post? Right?